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Digital Marketing

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience. Today that means you need to meet that
audience where they are already spending a large part of their time, on the internet.
Digital marketing is vital in the era we live in. Digital content and marketing are so common
nowadays that consumers expect and depend on it as a way to learn and access brands and
At Obsidian Staffing we want to provide you with skilled digital marketers, temporary or on a
full-time basis. We can deliver staffing that can assist with your long-term and recurring
projects and consulting solutions to address your unique needs, the common tasks they
perform are:
– Development and analysis to obtain optimal results and effective communication. We
find out what marketing strategies work for your industry.
– Creating legacy & social media campaigns that reach your specific audience.
– Monitoring and managing campaigns. We see what works, what doesn’t and what can
be improved to guarantee optimal results.
– Budget management. We make the most out of whatever budget your company can
– We are constantly coming up with new strategies to improve the position and expansion
of our client’s companies.





Can I use multiple staff?

Yes, we currently have teams with 10 members in them, you can have as many people as
you need working for you.

What can the remote staff do for you?

Our staff handles a wide variety of office tasks including receptionist duties, call screening, document preparation, customer service, customer onboarding, legal intakes, customer follow-ups, mail sorting, fax sorting, insurance claims, medical appointment scheduling & follow-ups, etc. They can be trained to do most things your business requires.

How do you communicate with a remote staff?

There are several options like a softphone, physical phone, zoom, hangouts, etc.. you can tell
us what is more convenient for you and we will have everything ready.

How do I get my staff assigned?

They go through an interview and grammar test, we will have you speak to the potential
employee as well before he/she is hired.

Where are your staff located?

All of our remote staff is located in our facility in Mexico.

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