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With this review you help us identify growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement, while giving us insight to your experience over the last year. Please be honest and don’t be afraid to mention anything as the information collected is confidential.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

  • Team Member
  • Performance
  • Finish

Team Member

Full Name

Email Address

Do you think this team member is motivated to see the company succeed?

The company has clearly communicated its goals and strategies to this team member.

How purposeful do you find this team member to be?

How do you feel about the compensation provided to this team member?

Do you feel like you need to always be supervising this team member?

Is the team member productive with the time given on the tasks assigned?

Does the team member meet the target quotas and goals.

Overall productivity in getting the job done by this team member is:

Does the team member go beyond what is expected of them?

Do they respond quickly and courteously to fulfill clients' needs?

The overall quality of service that they provide is:

Overall how satisfied are you with the position this team member has?


The team member acts on all the feedback/inputs received from Managers.

The team member is willing to take on additional responsibilities.

The team member is able to attain work-life balance.

The team member is cognizant of the organizational goals and works towards them.

The team member contributes suggestions to new initiatives or existing issues.

The team member is not averse to management and work-related changes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate the team member’s performance overall?

Describe something you think that this team member could do better.

If you had to pick a label to assign to this team member which one from the illustration above would you choose?

Additional comments.


Thank you for your submission!