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Stressed with your current workload?
Can't afford to pay a full salary?
Don't have the space or equipment needed?
No worries, our Remote Staff adapts to your every need!
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By hiring our remote staff,
you will reduce your workload and get
more tasks completed everyday. Focus on
the critical duties and let our staff do the rest!
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Every company is always trying to find
opportunities to make smart financial decisions,
working with remote staff can help
you save up to $3,586 a month!
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Hiring remote staff results in less
overhead and investments in office space,
equipment, furniture, and office supplies.
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Having been in the advertising and lead generation business for over 20 years, we have seen first-hand the challenges service businesses face when providing excellent customer service to current and potential clients.

Keeping overhead down and great service at a level that will allow your business to grow and thrive is definitely a balancing act.

In 2016, facing these ongoing issues for our own call center in California, we experimented with opening a call center in Mexico. We hired only truly bilingual and professional staff. Our clients were so impressed and pleased with the improved quality of service that some started asking if we could hire team members on their behalf… and Obsidian Staffing was born.

With nearly 50 team members and lots of room to grow, we are ready to immediately assist with your staffing needs. Whether it’s customer service, receptionist duties, front/back office tasks, marketing, IT, social media or web maintenance, we have the perfect person for your growing business.

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Regular Staff

Compare for Yourself

Below you will see all the advantages of hiring Remote Staff over the regular staff you would find locally. All Statistics gathered below are on a full-time monthly basis and in the state of California USA.

Remote Staff




Brick & Mortar


Payroll Taxes


Workers Comp Ins.


Unemployment Ins.


Liability Ins.





Office Supplies

IT Support

14 Days


0 Days

*Staff is trained for Rotation.




Total Savings   =   $3586

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Here you will find answers to the questions our team gets asked the most about the remote staff, call center and other services we provide our clients.

If the questions you have are not listed here please click below, there you will find more detailed answers.

Alternatively, you can use our chat feature to get answers right away.

Does the remote staff take holidays?

Yes, the remote staff observes U.S. holidays.

Does the remote staff take vacations?

Yes, after an employee has been working with us for over a year, they get a week of vacation. But our remote staff is trained for rotation. So you will always have staff available.

What days of the week does the remote staff work?

We provide you with a custom schedule tailored to the needs of your company.

Can I use multiple staff?

Yes, we currently have teams with 10 members in them, you can have as many people as
you need working for you.

What can the remote staff do for you?

Our staff handles a wide variety of office tasks including receptionist duties, call screening, document preparation, customer service, customer onboarding, legal intakes, customer follow-ups, mail sorting, fax sorting, insurance claims, medical appointment scheduling & follow-ups, etc. They can be trained to do most things your business requires.

How do you communicate with a remote staff?

There are several options like a softphone, physical phone, zoom, hangouts, etc.. you can tell
us what is more convenient for you and we will have everything ready.

How do I get my staff assigned?

They go through an interview and grammar test, we will have you speak to the potential
employee as well before he/she is hired.

Where are your staff located?

All of our remote staff is located in our facility in Mexico.

Can I be in regular contact with my remote staff?

You have 100% control of the tasks and responsibilities of your remote staff members. We support them with the office, equipment, phones, and IT staff they need to stay in touch, so they are always just a phone call, email, or zoom meeting away.

What is the cost of the service?

Our price range varies from client to client, as their needs are different from one another, It all depends on your needs!


Through the years, we have worked with several companies in different fields, each one having their own needs, creating experiences and delivering results, at the end of the day, being trusted by our clients it´s our greatest joy.

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