With this review you help us identify growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement, while giving us insight to your experience over the last year. Please be honest and don’t be afraid to mention anything as the information collected is confidential.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

Answer the following questions about the firm's management.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

Please read all the questions below before answering.

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  • Management
  • Individual
  • Team
  • Company
  • Finish


Full Name

Email Address

Company or Firm (USA)

How many years have you been employed with us?

Do you feel that employees are recognized as individuals?

How motivated are you to see the company succeed?

The company clearly communicates its goals and strategies to me.

Would you refer a friend to apply for a job at this company?

Which of the following describes the variety of tasks required by your position?

How purposeful do you find your work to be?

How demanding is your job?

How often do you feel stressed at work?

Are you satisfied with the compensation provided to you by the organization?

How often are your suggestions at work taken seriously by your co-workers?

How realistic are your manager’s expectations at work?

How often do you feel that the tasks assigned to you by your manager make you grow professionally?

Do you think you are supervised too much, too little or supervised just the right amount?

How proud do you feel of the firm that you work with?

Do you think you feel encouraged to share new ideas related to work with your teammates and manager?

list three things that you would suggest that would improve your work environment.

I'm productive with the time spent working on the tasks assigned to me.

I meet the target quotas and goals.

Overall productivity in getting the job done is:

I go beyond what is expected of me to make clients happy.

I respond quickly and courteously to fulfill clients' needs.

The overall quality of service that I provide is:

Overall how satisfied are you with your position at this company?


Based on your overall experience with the manager how likely are you to recommend your colleagues to work with him/her?

The manager seeks inputs from team members.

He/she measure inputs fairly.

Shows genuine concerns for colleagues and team members.

Fixes problems without creating a fuss.

Treats people without any prejudices.

Respects individuality.

Rewards and recognizes excellent workers.

Doesn’t gossip or talk behind peoples back.

Involves team members while making important decisions.

Sets goals and clear directions for the team.

Challenges team members in a positive manner

Is a role model for the team.

Helps and supports my decisions.

I receive regular feedback from my manager.

He/she understands performance measurement.

My manager cares about my professional development.

Are you confident in the overall effectiveness of your manager?

What are the three things you like about your manager’s leadership style?

Is there anything that you wish your manager would do differently?


Do you think you’re in the right job or do you aspire for a different position in the Company?

Name one thing that you know you could do better starting today and what do you need to do to accomplish this successfully?

What do you feel is your greatest strength? Explain

What do you feel is your greatest weakness? Explain

What are you doing to overcome your weakness?

Is there something that we can do to help you overcome your weakness?

Where do you want to be 6 months from now?

Where do you want to be a year from now?

Tell a story of something that you have done in the past 6 months that you are truly proud of.

Name three things you aren’t so proud of or made mistakes on, how you recognized them as mistakes, and what you did to correct them.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed at work?

Describe your personal time management system. Identify something in your system that could be better.


Describe something you think that your team could do better.

How do you think you could be a better asset to the team.

Describe something that your team accomplished that you are truly proud of.

Describe something that you feel your team did not do well. How did you contribute to this failure and what could have been done to make this failure a success?

Describe two things that your team has helped you learn over the past 3 months.

What could your team do differently to accomplish its goals every month? This may not be something that can change immediately.

What could your team change immediately to accomplish its’ goals?


How do you think you could be a better asset to the Company?

What kind of changes would you like to see happen at the Company?

Name something that the Company could do better starting today.

Is there a special project or program that you would like to see implemented? How do you think this would be beneficial to the Company?

Are you willing to lead the Special Project or Program?


We are looking forward to getting your input and value your opinion. Your submission will be reviewed and a supervisor will meet with you about further evaluation.